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Bubbaboo Bamboo Butterfly Baby Toddler Suction Plate

About this bamboo product

The Butterfly Bamboo Suction Plate is a fun and durable plate that is perfect for small hands. The powerful suction base ensures that the plate stays in place, while the four divided sections make it easy to control portion size. The plate is also free from artificial chemicals and is perfect for baby weaning.

– DURABLE AND FUN BAMBOO DESIGN: Our violet butterfly is designed for small and curious hands, guaranteeing that every meal is a stimulating new experience. The solid bamboo construction ensures the plate is virtually indestructible and the tactile butterfly design will engage the imagination too.
– POWERFUL SUCTION BASE: Butterflies are normally on the move, but this one isn’t going anywhere! Our Butterfly utilises suction technology ensuring you spend less time cleaning up after your little ones. The extra strong suction base grips like glue to a highchair tray / table to prevent spillage. As your child grows out of the “plate launching phase” the suction bottom can be removed to allow more independence and regular use.
– 4 FUN DIVIDED SECTIONS: Treat your hungry little caterpillars to a hearty meal with this butterfly suction plate and make mealtimes an adventure. The butterfly design divides the plate into four sections, turning any meal into an intrepid expedition through taste and texture. These sections also enable easy portion control to help you serve up the right amount every time.
– FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL CHEMICALS: Butterflies hate toxic nasties, and you can rest assured that your hungry little caterpillars will be safe with our Butterfly. Manufactured using 100% natural materials, this bamboo feeding plate is anti-microbial & anti-bacterial. A worry-free addition to your dining set, Butterfly is food safe for your little caterpillars.
– PERFECT FOR BABY WEANING: Our Butterfly plate is your perfect partner to the weaning process from infant to toddler. Your little caterpillars will interact playfully with our butterfly and quickly associate it with mealtimes. The bright colourful design will help to attract your baby’s attention and prevent restlessness during the weaning process.

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