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Bubbaboo Fire Engine Bamboo Baby Plate| Fun Bamboo Suction Plates (Baby Weaning) | Toxin Free

About this bamboo product

Looking for a plastic-free, 100% natural bamboo suction plate for your baby or toddler? Look no further than Bubbaboo’s fire engine plate! This playful plate comes with 5 compartments that are sure to fuel your little one’s imagination at meal times. Plus, the suction plate base and lipped design will help to prevent spillages. The plate is also free from chemicals, food safe certified and ethically made. And, as your child grows, the removable suction plate design will allow you to turn it into a standard bamboo plate. With dimensions of 24cm in width and 19cm in height, this is a great size for both infants and toddlers!

– 100% NATURAL BAMBOO! Looking for plastic-free bamboo suction plates for baby or toddler? This playful range from Bubbaboo has it all! The fire engine comes to the rescue at meal times, with 5 compartments that fuel the imagination. Make food an interactive and enjoyable experience, and make spillages a thing of the past with the suction plate base and lipped design. Perfect for little firefighters in the making. With our bamboo plates, baby weaning is made simple and dinner time stress-free.
– POWERFUL SUCTION BASE! Put out fires at mealtimes with the fire engine bamboo baby plate, a sturdy solution that delights both baby and parent. A red suction base means the fire engine’s not shifting, so no need to call 999 when your bundle of joy starts to wriggle around in the high chair. As your baby grows, you can start to use this as a normal plate thanks to the removable suction plate design, giving them more independence. With Bubbaboo’s bamboo plates, baby feeding time is a doddle!
– FREE FROM CHEMICALS! Thanks to our 100% natural bamboo plates, baby or toddler can enjoy their food with none of the nasties. These bamboo suctions plates are fire marshal approved, and have no BPA or phthalates, and are both anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Food safe certified and ethically made, our bamboo baby plate range is the smart, safe and responsible choice for parents who want to empower little ones through baby-led weaning.
– IDEAL FOR BABY WEANING! Engaging baby in mealtimes has never been easier, and the fire engine design is perfect for adding creativity to the weaning phase. With our bamboo plates, baby gets to be in the driving seat, leading their own way through the weaning process by exploring yummy finger foods and new textures. Furthermore, our bamboo weaning plate is the ideal companion as your bubba transitions from infant to toddler, building their confidence at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
– FROM BABY TO TODDLER! With our bamboo plates, baby gets to evolve his or her imagination as they grow. The bamboo suction plate’s removable suction feature allows you to turn it into a standard bamboo baby plate, one that can be used for many years to come. The dimensions of this plate are 24cm in width and 19cm in height, with a super strong suction measuring 15cm in diameter. This is a great size, with plenty of room when appetites and portion sizes expand!

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