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OUTDOOR FREAKZ Travel Mug Made of Stainless Steel and Bamboo

About this bamboo product

This travel mug is perfect for nature lovers! It’s wrapped in real bamboo, making every sip a spectacle. The core is made of stainless steel, making it durable and perfect for keeping your coffee or tea hot. It’s also dishwasher safe. This mug holds 450 mL, making it perfect for quenching your thirst. Please note that it is not 100% leak-proof, so be careful when transporting it in a bag.

– TRAVEL MUG + NATURE – We have designed this travel mug for all nature lovers! Wrapped in real bamboo, every sip becomes a spectacle!
– STAINLESS STEEL – The core is made of stainless steel. We just used stainless steel 304, also known as V2A steel. After a first fill with boiling water, you will have unrivaled coffee and tea without disturbing foreign aromas!
– ROBUST – Due to the selected materials the travel mug is very tough, even a bath in the dishwasher is no problem!
– GIANT THIRST EXTINGUISHER – This masterpiece of the nature takes 450 mL!
– NOT 100% LEAK-PROOF – The travel mug works well in all everyday situations, but is not 100% leak-proof: be careful when transporting in handbags or backpacks.

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