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Wild & Stone | Organic Bamboo Toothbrush | Four Different Pattens | Firm Fibre Bristles | 100% Biodegradable Handle | Vegan Eco Friendly Bamboo Toothbrushes

About this bamboo product

The Wild & Stone bamboo toothbrush is a great alternative to traditional plastic toothbrushes. The ergonomic design is comfortable to use, and the bamboo construction is naturally antibacterial and water resistant. The bristles are infused with charcoal for teeth whitening, and the toothbrush is packed in 100% recycled cardboard.

– 🌿 ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The flat style handle has been designed for maximum comfort for use during regular daily cleaning. Wild & Stone is a trusted UK based brand and with 100,000+ satisfied customers, our name is matched to quality products, great value and a superb service you have grown to expect from a UK company. Specialising in bringing products that are a plastic free alternative, our bamboo toothbrushes are a UK best-seller. Stop buying plastic and Go Bamboo!
– 🌿 100% RECYCLED PACKAGING: Every 4-pack of bamboo manual toothbrushes are individually numbered so there’s no confusion! A fantastic, 99% plastic free alternative to be added to a travel bag, purse or used daily. Our toothbrushes are packed in 100% recycled cardboard with the minimum amount of packaging used. Although fully recyclable, we encourage reuse and you may find a more creative way to utilise the packet!
– 🌿 ORGANIC BAMBOO – Each manual toothbrush is made from a single piece of naturally sustainable bamboo, so no glue is required. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and water resistant but one of the fastest-growing plants in the world making it wonderfully sustainable. We use bamboo grown specifically for production so there’s no worry we’re stealing it from the pandas! Depending on cut use, it is possible to regrow to full size within just 1 year.
– 🌿 FIRM BRISTLES – The vegan friendly BPA free nylon bristle we are using, are the best available option right now and these bristles tend to be softer than their plastic counterparts. We are continuing to research all alternatives, including fully recyclable and biodegradable plant based options, but they’re not quite there yet. By choosing the Wild & Stone Bamboo toothbrushes, it’s a step in the right direction. 99% plastic free is something to be very pleased with!
– 🌿 CHARCOAL INFUSED BRISTLES – Turbo boost your smile with natural teeth whitening properties, the charcoal removes stains from teeth naturally without any harmful chemicals. This not only helps to balance the PH in your mouth, but whiten your teeth and keep your breath smelling fresh. The medium soft bristles allow you to clean your teeth more thoroughly than standard non-infused bristles.

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